In harmony with nature ..The Health Promotion Trust's Naturopathy Camp

The Health Promotion Trust (HPT) of the Archdiocese of Bombay organises  Naturopathy camps every month at Khandala, together with the National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN), Pune, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. The focus of HPT is on "preventive healthcare" to increase awareness of the necessity of healthy living with a holistic approach to avoid the travails and tribulations that accompany ill health. The venue for the Camp is the Convent of Jesus & Mary Villa atop Nun's Hill, Khandala, also popularly known as the House of Prayer. Fifteen health-conscious individuals made it to the March 2023 camp. We boarded a minibus at the Church of Our Lady of Victories, Mahim, on March 10, for a three-night, four-day detox. We were all smiles as we alighted at Khandala, glad to breathe in the clean fresh air, while simultaneously taking in the beauty of the well-tended gardens blossoming with flowers all around.

The programme began with an Orientation and Introductory session, conducted by the two doctors of the National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN), Pune, who were accompanied by three experienced therapists. While the six males in our group proceeded with their medical reports to the "Treatment Centre" for consultation with the doctors, the nine females had a session on meditation.

We started the next morning with yoga; the instructor led us through a variety of asanas and pranayama, while explaining the benefits of the postures and breathing exercises, in terms of our health and mental peace. We stepped out barefoot for a pebble walk, not on smooth stones, but on gravel stones, picking our steps tentatively, wincing at times from the stones which were actually activating the various pressure points on our soles.

After breakfast, we headed to the Treatment Centre - the ladies for their consultation, and the gents for treatment as per the doctor's prescription. Chest packs, massages, acupressure and hydrotherapy were some of the treatments administered that morning. After lunch, we moved to our respective rooms for a short siesta, after which mud packs were placed on our eyes and stomachs. Then followed the evening "kada" and a 45- minute session of meditation.

After dinner, we assembled in the verandah for a talk by the doctors and a Q&A session. A short sing-song followed; the young Nepali therapist regaled us with a beautiful Nepali folk song entitled, Resham Firiri (would you like to stay on the hilltop or fly to distant lands?). Translated to our situation - would you like to stay with your unhealthy regimen or change to a healthy routine?

The last day dawned with another yoga session in the open at sunrise. Fr Rocky Banz, Director of HPT, and Sharon Rodrigues, HPT Project Coordinator came over from Mumbai, and a feedback session followed. The participants were profuse with their gratitude to the organisers, doctors, therapists, nuns and staff for all the effort expended to make a difference in our lives, and get us to tune in to Nature. They spoke of how they felt positively refreshed, relished the vegetarian food and the daily kada, and how equipped they felt to make changes in their lifestyle, having understood the benefits during the Camp.

After lunch, we boarded the bus with a silent resolve to continue as best we could with the new routine, yoga and diet, if only to improve our lives and that of those we love. This is a rare opportunity to change one's lifestyle and better the health quotient.

Forthcoming Camps in 2023: May 13-16, June 2-5, June 30-July 3, August 18-21, September 1-4, October 6-9, November 17-20, December 8-11. For booking, call 022-24440121; Cell: 9619001142. E-mail:

Reported by Alan Fernandes

Source :  the Examiner