HPT Medical Camp for Transgender Community

A first-ever medical camp for 35 members of the transgender community was successfully conducted by the Health Promotion Trust (HPT) on October 14, 2022, in collaboration with the Health Outreach Cell. This programme aligns with HPT's mission to promote preventive healthcare among vulnerable groups. Participants, who hailed from various parts of Mumbai, received a physical checkup, underwent necessary lab tests, and were able to consult with a panel of eminent doctors, including Dr Roshini Upadahya (Dermatologist), Dr Jarvis Pereira (ENT), Dr Jai Shankar (General Practitioner) and Dr Cheryl Desouza and Dr Giselle Paes (dentists). The Suburban Diagnostic Centre charged the organisers a concessional rate for their lab testing. Participants received their prescribed medications and a kit of nutritional supplements. HPT acknowledges the contribution of the Health Outreach Cell in mobilising the medical team. Fr Rocky Banz, HPT Director, and Ms Sharon Rodrigues, Programme Coordinator, spoke with the participants about the importance of timely diagnostic care, and following safe and affordable alternative healthcare practices.

HPT will also be organising a two-day residential programme at the Naturopathy Wellness Centre at Khandala for a small group of transgender members. The goal is to motivate them to enrol in preventive healthcare training at various Centres.

Vasvi, a transactivist, thanked HPT for organising an inclusive, preventive health outreach for this underserved group. Vasvi pledged to whole-heartedly support HPT's future programmes for the transgender community. HPT is very grateful to the Vedruna Sisters of the Shradhaseri Community, Andheri (East) for offering their space for this camp.